World Jokes and Humor Coalition Declares Satire Dead, for real this time.

The World Jokes and Humor Coalition have released a statement declaring satire dead after a vote at the recent July 2020 Comedic Administration Conference in Denver, Colorado last week. This comes after years of debate as to whether satire was a valid form of comedic expression. Proponents of the Ban Satire movement believe that the state of the modern world doesn’t allow for satirical content.

“The real headlines are discernible from the ones purported to be jokes. Yhere are thousands of people earnestly sharing articles they think are real and are then voting based off the information they read, how is that different than the creation and spreading of actual propaganda?”

WJHC chairman Creed Wiser

Meanwhile, on the other side, defenders of satire say it isn’t the responsibility of the comedian to make sure the audience understands the joke. They insist that people misunderstanding and spreading obvious satire is part of the comedy itself. These individuals argue that morals are relative and thus are scheduled for execution in the next nihilist purge.

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