President Trump signs into law sweeping religious freedom and education reforms proposed by DeVos

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos during a school choice event at the White House earlier this month.
Earth centric models as outlined in the bible will now be required teaching for all American high school students.

President Donald Trump is set to sign a sweeping religious freedom bill proposed last week by Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.  The bill opens up publicly funded government schools to “teach the controversy” and offer broad scientific and faith based education.  The major highlights of the bill include a mandate for all federally funded middle and high schools to offer alternative courses to evolutionary and heliocentric based educational lessons.  The changes are ones conservatives and the Republican party has fought for for years.

“This is something President Trump promised, bringing the Bible back into public schooling.  We worked hard to get this through and despite some protests from atheists, we expect most Americans will embrace the changes.” Betsy DeVos said at her weekly press conference on Friday.

Jesus embracing a Dinosaur

Additionally, the mandate stresses that evolution will be forbidden to be taught to elementary schools and will be taught strictly as a theory in high education.  This change is another olive branch to the constituents that got him elected.  Creationism has been outlawed since Barack Obama signed an executive order to ban all Christian related teachings in state schools and so this bill will be a welcome change to Americans of faith.  Evolution is a common but flawed scientific theory that contradicts the Bible, and many feel has no place in education at all.  It was invented by Charles Darwin, who later recanted his life’s work on his death bed.

“God belongs in school, period.” Trump is quoted saying, “Anyone who disagrees with me, is a traitor and a loser.”

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