Physics of airplane flight revealed to be hoax – all modern planes are actually sophisticated hydrogen blimps.

DAYTON, OH – In a stunning revelation today during a press conference at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the director of Aeronautics, Alex Rower Ph.D., M.A., revealed that the mechanics of flight as understood and taught worldwide is a hoax. Concepts such as “lift” and “aerodynamics” were fantasy concepts used by marketers in the blimp and hydrogen industry to regain customers after the Hindenburg accident crushed customer trust in the product.

Modern day planes are modeled to look like the fantasy concepts as developed and designed by artists, but in truth discretely contain hydrogen tubes that are interwoven inside the fuselage and wings.  Essentially, modern  “aeroplanes” are actually high tech hydrogen blimps, using the lift of the hydrogen to stay in the air.

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