Peter, Paul, and Mary suddenly relatable to Gen Z

“I swear if I breath in anymore Lysol I will probably have the same symptoms of Agent Orange poisoning” Gen Z-ers feel like they are living their own Vietnam

As the months of quarantine march on, Gen Z-ers are turning to the musings of the legendary protest music group Peter, Paul, and Mary. Most Gen Z-ers have been forced off of their college campuses and back into their family homes; a situation that has proved to be rocked with turmoil.

Local 21 year old Addison Delfino had her sorority life uprooted and has turned to music for solace. “Like, I didn’t even get to finish planning this amazing charity drive I had organized for Veterans without reusable bags” Delfino says. She continues on to mention that “Blowin’ in the Wind” has really become more than a song to her. “The lyrics really speak to me on a deeper level, I never knew what was blowing in the wind, and now I know it’s the plastic bags that I couldn’t stop from being added to the world’s waste, and like, how will anyone even know if I am a good person if I cant post my charity photos to socials.”

Dylan Tyler, 19, a young man is still reeling from having his freedom yanked from him so suddenly. Tyler compares his time at home to that of an unwilling solider sent to war, “I suddenly understand why Peter, Paul, and Mary were so vocal against young men being shipped off against their will, it totally makes sense now.” Tyler goes on to explain that he is having a particularly hard time with his mother’s cleaning efforts, “I swear if I breath in anymore Lysol I will probably have the same symptoms of Agent Orange poisoning, I hope my mom doesn’t want grandchildren free of birth defects.” Tyler finishes by saying the only thing that is keeping him sane is getting “lit” in his parents shed and listening to “Puff the Magic Dragon” as that song is “totally about weed, man.”

One more Gen Z-er that is struggling with her new “norm” is Vivi Rossi. The thing Rossi misses the most is going to restaurants and leaving 2 star reviews on Yelp when the bartender doesn’t hit on her. Rossi explains why the song “If I had a Hammer” has been resonating with her, “If my parents make one more crock-pot dinner, I really will wish I had a hammer to smash it to bits.” She goes on to say “I may as well be eating MRE’s with the crap that’s served around here. They won’t even let me out of the house to go buy some claws, like I don’t care if you have an autoimmune disease Mom, it’s just the flu according to Twitter.”

The world can only hope that Gen Z can make it through this time without serious mental health ails. However, we can rest assured that they have found comfort in the sweet musings of Peter, Paul, and Mary.

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