OPINION: Feminism and science will kill football in the next 20 years.

The sport we know of football is over. Recent studies show that virtually every professional football player has a life effecting level of brain damage. Even players as young as high school age have shown symptoms of CTE. As a result, young people at all levels are picking relatively safer sports such as basketball or baseball and professional players are retiring early to save their bodies and minds. Parents do not want their children playing dangerous sports. This trend will deplete the talent and popularity of the sport as more and more players choose other options and abandon football.

110 out of 111 NFL players that donated their brains to research after death were found to have CTE …click here to read more

The culture of football has always been hyper-masculine. Any sign of weakness is used as a weapon against players because the violent nature of the sport requires a hardness rarely seen outside of military life. The mental and physical struggles were topics that the culture required people hid. Concussions were not taken seriously until recently when research showed the extensive short and long-term damage caused by head injuries from football. This is what you have to do in order to play what can only be called a modern-day blood sport.

Feminism’s fight against toxic masculinity has resulted in men being more self-aware of their problems, both emotional and physical and because of this, players are communicating to each other and their families more on these topics. The real risk of life-altering damage is viewed as not worth it to many of the young men that we watch on Sundays. Yes, they make a lot of money – but at what cost? And how long until there aren’t enough people willing to sacrifice their brains and bodies for money? My guess? Twenty years. Then it’s done.

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