“It’s all meaningless,” insists John McCain after historic “No” vote.

All of our overtures towards virtues like loyalty, prosperity, and fairness are but the vanities of mankind.

For days, Democrats have been fuming about Senator John McCain climbing out of a hospital bed, advocating working together, and then supporting a bill that many feared would erase the health coverage of 22 millions Americans.

But when it came time for real movement, Mr. McCain voted “No.”  It stunned the floor of the Senate, but not those of us that have been paying close attention to American Politics for the last 230 years.  This is par for the course: Expect the unexpected.

What were the motivations of the Republican Senator?  In an exclusive interview with our field correspondent Sue Tomin he answers those questions and more.

“When I was in the POW camp, I never lost faith that I would survive and endure, and that gave me the strength to hold steady,” he told her Friday morning, “but now that I am looking death in the eyes in a way that seems absolute and inevitable, I can no longer keep up the charade.”

He continued.

“We live in a meaningless world.   All of our overtures towards virtues like loyalty, prosperity, and fairness are but the vanity of mankind.  We’re animals, we’re too big for our britches, we try to uphold standards of justice and respect as if they are intrinsic to the human condition when they are just social constructs with no foundation.  I voted yes previously to make a mockery of the entire process.  I thought to myself, ‘John, what illuminates this insanity more than playing games with the fears and anxieties of millions of vulnerable Americans while preaching the virtue of doing the right thing?’.  It even worked better than expected, I received thunderous applause and had to stifle sneering menacingly at the ingrates clapping.  They knew my vote was meaningless.  They knew their votes were meaningless.  It was all theater.  We have crossed the rubicon as a species and are just going through the motions.  It’s all meaningless.”

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